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BreakingVoices is a social news broadcasting engine that on a second-by-second socially aggregates real-time breaking news that is surrounding you right now.


Once a Long URL is stored on your member bookmark page with the related title, members can use addthis.com to share their news articles using a variety of services, such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, & 322 other services.


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BreakingVoices aggregates user posted and shared micro-local news trends, community issues, and other topics that would never find their way to a corporate-owned news web portal.


News stories are archived in your member account automatically for quick sharing. The BreakingVoices platform provides tools to view statistics related to user's views on generated BreakingVoic.es/XXXXXXX links.

Shorten A Long URL To Discover, Bookmark, Post & Share Breaking News


Paste Long URL

The first step to sharing breaking news using BreakingVoices shortener is to visit your favorite news website (CNN, Techcrunch, WSJ.com) or a local blogger. When you have found a story that interests you, copy the Long URL ( For Example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL_shortening). Then,paste address in the above text box.

Pick A News Type

Now, pick a news type that best represents the overall theme of the story (Business, Social Media, Technology, Politics). There are 93 news types to choose from. This will make it easy for others to discover it in the Real-Time Newsroom.

Click Shorten & Then Share

Now click the shorten button. You will see 2 buttons ( Copy & Share) appear as well as your social share link ( http://breakingvoic.es/x4ze7ve). Your link can be shared across social distribution platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google as well as 322 other social sites.